Operation Bookings

Dr Bourke does regular operating sessions through the Mater Children’s Private Hospital, Wesley Hospital , as well as LCCH.


Private Patients

The Office staff at the TMC will organize the booking and provide all of the associated information required eg. starving times. All procedures through this office are performed as “no- gap” procedures, meaning there is no out of pocket fee for the surgery. Some anaesthesia providers will require an out of pocket fee but the staff can give contact information so this known prior to the day of surgery. The staff can provide information so you can check your level of coverage with your health fund


Emergency operations are also booked as no -gap procedures



Intermediate/Public Patients

At this stage intermediate patients cannot be accommodated on an elective basis . It is hoped that once LCCH processes are streamlined this will occur. 


Public patients will be placed on the waiting list at LCCH. The procedure will be performed under the supervision of Dr Bourke but will most likely be performed by a surgeon in training